Apple keeping the backdoor locked

Apple showing spies the doorIf you have not yet read Tim Cook’s open letter to Apple customers with regards to the US Government’s request that the company build a “backdoor” into their iOS operating system, you really must. Cook does a great job of explaining why – even in the light of the horrible mass-shooting late last year in San Bernadino – this would be a very dangerous precedent to set.

Apple, like many other companies, has spent years and years crafting sophisticated encryption solutions to protect users of their iPhones and iPads from hackers and the like. Building a backdoor in for the FBI will only weaken that encryption overall and defeat all of Apple’s exhaustive efforts to protect its user base.

The implications of the government’s demands are chilling. If the government can use the All Writs Act [of 1789!] to make it easier to unlock your iPhone, it would have the power to reach into anyone’s device to capture their data. The government could extend this breach of privacy and demand that Apple build surveillance software to intercept your messages, access your health records or financial data, track your location, or even access your phone’s microphone or camera without your knowledge. [Source]

We’ll be keeping a close eye on how this story develops…