Amazon’s new Dash Buttons

Amazon's Dash ButtonsFor quite a while I’ve been using Amazon’s Subscribe and Save service to get household necessities restocked. It’s a convenient tool that lets you skip shopping trips and still save valuable space in tiny New York apartments. But if you’re going on vacation – or just in immediate need of more cleaning supplies – the timing of your delivery can sometimes be a bit too early or too late.

Amazon has decided to solve this problem by introducing the Dash Button for their Prime subscribers. The idea behind it is simple: whenever you run low on a household item – laundry detergent, coffee, or razor blades – you press the button once and it is shipped to you. After you place your order, no matter how many more times you press the button, additional orders will not be placed until the first order is delivered to you.

I am now waiting to see how Amazon implemented the actual interactions between the button and product search on the smartphone. I’ve put myself on the waiting list to get one and actually test it. Let’s see if it can actually save money and hassle vs. the regular “Subscribe and Save” program!