Alexa Auto SDK – Now Available!

Amazon recently released a new SDK that will make it easier for developers to integrate their virtual assistant, Alexa, into vehicles. In keeping with Amazon’s goal of having Alexa available wherever needed (even outside the house), this latest tool is likely to make their customers happy when they’re able to ask their car to remind them what’s on their grocery list as they’re on the way to the store!

Along with all the core speech recognition and standard functionality, this SDK will also include hooks that will help connect Alexa to a local media player, phone, and navigation system. While some of that may seem to be a duplication of things voice commands in many modern vehicles already can do, the big benefit of using Alexa is its pretty incredible base of information it has available to answer questions and the familiarity people who are already home users will have with how it can be most helpful for them.

I won’t go too far down the rabbit hole of thinking what could come next in terms of having a virtual assistant inside of my car, but I certainly won’t be surprised if parking assistance capabilities make an appearance in a future version.

Alexa Auto SDK Developer Site
Alexa SDK on Github / Documentation