A great night of agile talk

Sam Prasad discusses agile methodologiesThis past Wednesday evening, our New York City HQ played host to an informative TechTalk comparing the Kanban and Scrum agile development methodologies. Dr. Samuel Prasad shared his extensive knowledge, giving the assembled audience – Boyle Software staff members, friends, and client guests – insights from his years  of coaching organizations adopting “new,” unfamiliar agile modes of doing business.

Sam Prasad engages the TechTalk audienceIt turns out that Scrum – probably the most widely-used of the agile software development methodologies today  – may not be the best solution for every organization. For development groups looking to move away from the problems inherent to “waterfall” development, Kanban may be a better fit and easier adaptation than the time-boxing and prescriptive role assumptions of Scrum.

From the tone of the post-talk discussion, many of us recognized the pitfalls and advantages of the different methodologies from our own experiences. It seems certain that some folks currently involved in Scrum development will take a good look at Kanban to see if there may be a better approach there.

We thank Sam for sharing an evening with us and look forward to working with him going forward!

Let us leave you with this well-executed, brief video summary of Kanban: