A Fine Start

A Fine Start

Chrome’s default tab page – that handful of thumbnail images of your most often visited websites – is useful to a certain extent only. There are easy ways to make that page more useful.

One such way is A Fine Start, a beautifully simple way of organising often-used URLs on the browser’s start page. It’s available both for Safari and as a Chrome extension.

For Chrome alone there are dozens of extensions that allow you to customise the page that you probably see most often every day. Some of these extension will turn your browser’s start page into battlefield of icons and widgets with a lot of information that most likely will never be looked at. The minimal approach to this problem is what I like about A Fine Start. Its simplicity helps me to be a little more productive every day.

About Uwe Kristen

After graduating in Scottish Literature at University of Glasgow in 1996 Uwe put down his empty glass and left the pub. He took the next airplane to New York City and started coding websites. He still codes. He still reads.