5G – The technology of a new beginning

5G, abbreviation for fifth generation, can be chiefly considered as the fourth industrial revolution in technology. 5G provides a great segue into the world of new generation of radio systems that will revolutionize lives, economies, and societies in many ways. Thereby, unearthing new business partnerships/opportunities, revolutionary applications, and breakthrough services.

Advantages of 5G Technology:

  • Peak data rates up to 10 Gbps or more
  • 100 Mbps whenever needed
  • 10-100 times more devices
  • 10,000 times more traffic
  • <1ms ultra-low latency and many more.

5G Connected Home:

  • The marriage of 5G and VR will challenge the status quo in home-viewing experience and transform it into a game-changing immersive experience.
  • 5G Connected Home enables us to find enjoyment at games, holidays, concerts, and sporting events; and seems very much like reality to the person experiencing it. Furthermore, this enables face-to-face interviews and interactions with our favorite sports or movie stars.
  • This will change the dynamics of the gaming industry. Players will be able to enjoy more immersive and visually-stimulating experiences.

5G Connected Industries – Industry 4.0:

  • This emerging technology is a beginning of the fourth industrial revolution. Industries can increase productivity by fusing ultra-low frequency with intelligent analytics.
  • It can lead to higher levels of automation. With massive-type communications, human robot interactions, and real time control of machines – it can lead a way to smart factories.
  • With the help of this massive connectivity, all the machines in the factories can interact with each other and provide continuous and real-time updates to back-office systems.

5G Connected Events:

  • Venue management can be made easy with efficient operations. It helps managing the venues’ physical assets and creating a safer environment for event attendees.
  • Managing ingress and egress of large crowds in small areas can be dealt seamlessly through analyzing traffic patterns.