End Times for Net Neutrality?

Ajit Pai - FCC ChairmanBack in December we began wondering about what a Donald Trump presidency would mean for Net Neutrality. Well, after the inauguration it took just a couple of days for the rubber to begin accosting the proverbial road. Last week President Trump announced the appointment of Ajit Pai as our new Federal Communications Commission Chairman, and he nestles in snugly with the anti-regulation/roll-it-back swagger of the new administration. Also, as a currently seated Republican FCC commissioner, he does not even need Senate approval to ascend to the Chairman’s role. (BUT: Due to the time left in his current commissioner term, Pai will have to be renominated and reconfirmed sometime this year.)

If you care about Net Neutrality, we beg you to stay informed and keep your eyes on this issue in the coming months. There’s plenty of outrage to get caught up in, certainly, and Internet freedom may not be front-page-headline-sexy – but we will probably need to start sending letters and making phone calls on this topic soon too…

Net Neutrality design from http://www.savetheinternet.comHere’s some good reporting – and a couple of interesting opinion pieces – to help keep you up-to-speed and your head in the game:

Pay attention and get ready to take action when the time comes!