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Critical Above-the-Fold CSS for the rescue

Nowadays site loading time became a very important parameter, especially when it comes to the search engine rankings.

If you’ll test your site with Google Pagespeed tool, it will probably show that your site has some issues with content-blocking stylesheets. This means that the browser won’t paint content to the screen until your CSS has been downloaded. To fix this issue, Google recommends us to split our styles into two parts: critical (above-the-fold) and non-critical. Critical CSS should be inlined in the header meanwhile non-critical needs to be loaded asynchronously, so a user could see styled content as soon as possible. Continue reading

NPM and friends

npm logo[A couple of months ago, the open source community and npm were rocked by an author’s unpublishing of a module called “kik.” This unprecedented action, which brought down scores of projects that were dependent upon the kik module, was the result of a dispute over ownership of the name “kik” itself. Nestor Fedyk has some interesting things to say about this dispute. Read on… — The Editor]

This is a late response to this article about the deletion of the “kik” module from npm. Most people have sided with either Azer Koçulu or npm on in this dispute and it sort of became quite at “the moment .”

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Facebook eCommerce

eCommerce continues to grow, mature and challenge the traditional ways of thinking about payments, payment processing, credit, debt, currencies and really all things financial.

Never shy, Facebook is joining the mix, announcing a new payments feature for its messenger app. Now you can use it to send “money” instantly to your friends.


Here’s a great article in the NY Times by Vindu Goel…

Pier-to-pier payments are here. Facebook is going to be a major player. And this is just one small sliver of the growing, crazy, exciting eCommerce space.


oManual is a simple, open XML-based standard for semantic, multimedia-rich procedural manuals.


Traditional procedural documents like service manuals don’t meet the needs of modern applications. Documents need to incorporate multimedia and understand prerequisite dependencies. The oManual file format enables interoperability while allowing complete flexibility of presentation.

Fressen Breakfast Club Restart

FressenWe’ve restarted the Fressen Breakfast Club. This year it will meet the last Friday of each month at different diners and brasseries around New York City. Check the non-profit group’s web site for details, signup for email notices and view pictures of previous meetings. Everyone’s welcome. Bring friends.

About Fressen

Named after the German word meaning to eat like an animal, this non-profit breakfast club prides itself on finding good food, eating well and networking with friends.