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After graduating in Scottish Literature at University of Glasgow in 1996 Uwe put down his empty glass and left the pub. He took the next airplane to New York City and started coding websites. He still codes. He still reads.

Ready to sweat for RhinoCo Fitness

RhinoCo logoWe are excited to announce that Boyle Software has started working with RhinoCo Fitness on exciting new projects.

RhinoCo Fitness was founded in 2007 with the goal of making fitness more accessible by using connected technology to deliver essential tools, supplements, and training programs to people across the world. In 2010 RhinoCo partnered with Reebok to open the first Reebok Crossfit Gym, which quickly became the highest-grossing retail store for Reebok and a world-renowned fitness center for RhinoCo.

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ImageOptim: Save for Web

imageoptim logoThe average page size of the Top 100 websites is 1.6 MB. This is a hefty download for smartphones when WiFi is not available. Almost 70% of that 1.6 MB is images. Making sure that these images are optimized for the Web is of vital importance.

Tweaking settings in Photoshop when saving images for the Web can reduce the file size greatly. But there is a wonderful free tool that manages to squeeze out even more bytes without affecting the image quality: ImageOptim – a simple tool with a simple interface, but oh so very powerful!

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Optimizing your front-end

Distorted pie chartWe love finding really useful tips for doing things better, smarter, faster. And here’s a prime example: there are some very helpful pointers on front-end optimization shared in this article by Jonathan Suh. You should absolutely try doing this at home!

(Be sure to explore the excellent list of online “Resources” listed out towards the end of the article – terrific stuff!)

Programming and… Jane Austen?

Jane AustenWhile reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen after a long day of coding and communicating with clients, a scene taking place in the Victorian settings of Netherfield House resonated vividly with the workday imagery that was still present in my head.

It is remarkable how little times have changed. Or perhaps it is simply pitiful that I can’t read Jane Austen without thinking about work. Either way, I thought it might at least provide some amusement to take the conversation of Caroline Bingley (who is keen on getting married to Mr. Darcy), Mr. Darcy (who has no interest in Miss Bingley), and Charles Bingley (Caroline’s brother and Darcy’s friend) out of its original context and place it into the conference room of a modern office.

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