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CES 2018 Redux – Top Five Innovations

It’s that time of year again! It’s time for a rundown of some of the top five innovations spotted at CES 2018.  LG and Samsung continued their battle for the living room through new television innovations. Seagate and Razer provided portable productivity with SSDs and ultraportable laptop innovations. Additionally, Toyota unveiled their e-Palette Concept Vehicle during CES 2018. It is a fully autonomous, battery-electric vehicle with an open control interface. This will allow partner companies to install their own automated driving system. With companies like Amazon, Mazda, Pizza Hut and Uber signing up as launch partners, Toyota’s e-Palette Concept car was the hot topic throughout CES.

Rollable OLED Display from LG

†Source: BooredAtWork YouTube

LiquidSky Revealed at CES 2017

LiquidSky at CES 2017

During CES 2017, LiquidSky officially announced their service which will bring PC Gaming to any device. LiquidSky’s SkyComputer delivers the power of an ultra gaming PC with the convenience of console and mobile gaming to any device. Gamers across the world can connect to any of LiquidSky’s 13 data centers and play any game at ultra quality settings on a Mac, Android, Linux, or Windows device.

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Pax West 2016 Interview Round Up

pax-west-2016-gamesThis year’s Pax West was definitely an exciting one! The ability to get not only one-on-one time with developers but actual hands-on time with each and every title in development is what sets Pax West apart from all other gaming conventions.

I got the chance to chat with a few indie developers about their upcoming titles as well as a couple of innovators who are making waves in 2016.

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Minecraft: programming for modders!

Minecraft Add-ons - E3 2016Whenever I walk into a hands-off meeting during E3, I never know what to expect. Especially when running late and having completely missed the overall introduction to the meeting. When I walked into an E3 demo with the Mojang developers, I was excited to see an opened text editor. This meant that we might be diving into some code and that honestly made me really happy!

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Daniela’s CES 2016 wrap up!

CES logoCES kicks off every new year with the promise of new innovations and upgrades to existing consumer hardware. This year seemed to be the year for the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as the year to get your kids into programming. iLuv showed us how you can easily make a morning better with just a few connected products while the folks working on the upcoming title Moving Hazard show us that the zombie apocalypse can be tons of fun. Bartesian showed us how easy it can be to create quality drinks at home and, of course, Razer, SteelSeries, and MadCatz gave us a sneak peek at their gaming hardware.

Let’s travel back to CES 2016 and check out my highlights:

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Kids App Building – Meet Codarica

Codarica logoFor as long as I can remember, I wanted to grow up to be a developer. Sure it was totally for the sole reason of creating video games, but still I knew that that was the path for me. But growing up, I didn’t even know that was possible until I was first introduced to programming in high school. It was during that time that I realized it was something I was great at and loved doing.

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Useful Links: Angular Style Guide

Angular.js logoIt’s always overwhelming when you learn a new language or framework. Whenever you try something out on your own, you’re always wondering if you are following some sort of standard. I have seen visual style guides become the norm when trying to enforce standards on the HTML side of things, but recently I came across John Papa’s Angular Style Guide:

If you are looking for an opinionated style guide for syntax, conventions, and structuring Angular applications, then step right in. These styles are based on my development experience with Angular, presentations, Pluralsight training courses and working in teams.

The purpose of this style guide is to provide guidance on building Angular applications by showing the conventions I use and, more importantly, why I choose them.

Source: Angular Style Guide

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OUT NOW! New SDK for Pebble Time

microdroneIt was just last week when Pebble took the Internet by storm, raising millions of dollars in funding for the upcoming release their latest watch – Pebble Time – in mere hours.

As of last week, developers can now test drive Pebble Time with the Developer Preview of the SDK for Pebble Time.  From Pebble’s press release: “With the SDK, developers can start designing and building new color apps for Pebble Time, or upgrade their current Pebble apps to support Pebble Time. The SDK now includes an entire emulator (in the cloud or on your local machine) so you can try out your apps before you get your Pebble Time. Documentation for timeline APIs is available as well.”

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