A first visit to Kiev

St. Andrew's Church, Kiev, UkraineI had a fantastic first trip to Kiev last week! It was a short but productive visit to the bustling, booming capital of Ukraine. What a thrill to visit this vibrant city – so full of life, even in February. Between meetings I was able to spend a few short hours exploring the city, ducking into gorgeous churches under golden domes and even visiting Maidan Nezalezhnosti – “Independence Square” – the city’s central plaza made so famous in recent years.

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CES 2018 Redux – Top Five Innovations

It’s that time of year again! It’s time for a rundown of some of the top five innovations spotted at CES 2018.  LG and Samsung continued their battle for the living room through new television innovations. Seagate and Razer provided portable productivity with SSDs and ultraportable laptop innovations. Additionally, Toyota unveiled their e-Palette Concept Vehicle during CES 2018. It is a fully autonomous, battery-electric vehicle with an open control interface. This will allow partner companies to install their own automated driving system. With companies like Amazon, Mazda, Pizza Hut and Uber signing up as launch partners, Toyota’s e-Palette Concept car was the hot topic throughout CES.

Rollable OLED Display from LG

†Source: BooredAtWork YouTube

Four Google Chrome extensions found to be malicious

Researchers from security firm ICEBRG found malicious extensions in the Google Chrome Web Store with more than 500,000 overall downloads. Firstly they discovered that “HTTP Request Header” extension were using for a click-fraud scam when they noticed unusual spike in outgoing network traffic. The extension visited advertising-related links in the Web from the infected machines to generate revenue from per-click rewards. Later they investigated another three Chrome extensions that did the same: Nyoogle, Stickies, and Lite Bookmarks.

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AppNexus Provides Free Wi-Fi in the Flatiron

AppNexus, one of our very own clients is giving back to the neighborhood by sponsoring free Wi-Fi access in the Public Plazas of the Flatiron District hailing from 23rd Street and Sixth Avenue to Park Avenue South, with coverage reaching as far as 21st Street and Broadway.  Visitors, workers and neighborhood residents alike can jump for joy!  This is one zone where folks can quickly plugin to get directions, find the nearest lunch spot, shopping, or just a place to chill and take in the sites (and the  sights!).
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